Reconstruction of mind

A contrasting combination of textures and materials, brutal solid wood with fine gilding, metallic mirror splashes, soft fur creates the impression of plastic fullness and completeness of the works of the C/A/C Group artists.

It is the work with pure material, not contaminated by the disordered "creative will", that allows the C/A/C Group to overcome modernism. In the objects of the C/A/C Group’s new series "Reconstruction of Mind" (which sums up more than a decade of work with various textures), egregores of wood and metal seem to work; the image is appearing on the boards naturally, just like molten tin is spreading freely over the surface. A synthetic object is practically monolithic and cannot be divided into its constituent parts — "picture", "podium", "frame". This set of features follows the internal tectonics of the material and is perceived as a gestalt.
Interview with Oleg Shobin