Andrey Ostashov

Andrey Ostashov is a professional sculptor and artist, born in Belarus. He works with stone and bronze, creating fantasy worlds, where modern age blends with motives of Oriental and Occidental mythology. Ostashov’s work is displayed in museums and private collections of art connoisseurs around the globe.
Andrey Ostashov is a professional sculptor and artist, born in Belarus. He works with stone and bronze, creating fantasy worlds, where modern age blends with motives of Oriental and Occidental mythology. Ostashov’s work is displayed in museums and private collections of art connoisseurs around the globe. His capacity to capture the innermost feelings of his characters, the sensuality of each sculpture — the dialogue of Ostashov’s sculptures with the audience is invariably emotional and profound.

Andrey Ostashov was born in the city of Lida in the USSR. In 1997, he graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in Minsk, having studied at Professor G. Muromtsev’s workshop; A. Finsky supervised his diploma and work.

He is a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, participant of more than a hundred international exhibitions, art projects and general practice training courses. He has won numerous awards at art and architectural competitions and holds scholarships of Belarusian Ministry of Culture and the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland. Ostashov won the "Faith" award at the VII Moscow International Festival of Arts "Traditions and Modernity"; the diploma "For the Vastness of Concept and Grandeur of Implementation" (Moscow, 2013); the diploma "For Contribution to the National Visual Arts" of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (Moscow, 2015).
He lives and works in Minsk (Belarus) and Pietrasanta (Italy), where his sculptures are currently cast. Ostashov collaborates with galleries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Astana. Vienna, Monaco. Taipei, and Sochi.

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Plush Troops, 2021

Seven Samurai



Our children


DEC, Sculptor Andrey Ostashov Gallery, presentation of the series of works "Plush Troops", Moscow, Russia;

JUL–SEP, the State Museum of Fine Arts. National Art Gallery "Khazine", Kazan Kremlin. A large personal exhibition of A. Ostashova "Her Little Temple", Kazan, Tatarstan;

MAY, Gelendzhik Golf Resort. Exhibition of the best works; presentation of a series of sculptures of small forms "Vikings", Gelendzhik, Russia;

JAN, Federation Council of the Russian Federation. An exhibition of 25 works in the walls of the Upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament. Moscow, Russia;

NOV, In Artibus Foundation. Exhibition "Silhouettes of Dreams", Moscow, Russia.

NOV–DEC, Be Fine Art Gallery, Zhongshan Regent Showroom, Taipei, Taiwan.

OCT, Gelendzhik Golf Resort. The Amazon Tribe Exhibition, Gelendzhik, Russia.

JUL–SEP, Artist Playground space of the Pullman Sochi Centre Hotel. Exhibition "The Secret of the Minotaur", Sochi, Russia.

JUL–SEP, Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik. Exhibition projects "Alchemy of Bronze"; "Sound of the sun", Gelendzhik, Russia.

JUL–SEP, Mriya Resort & Spa Hotel. Art project "Mistress of the air bears", Yalta, Crimea.

JUL–SEP, Ostashov Sculpture Gallery Sochi. XXL Exhibition, Sochi, Russia.

FEB–MAR, Municipal Concert Hall "Premiere". Exhibition "Symphony of Spring", Krasnodar, Russia.

JAN, Creating Masterpieces, art project, NIDO Gallery, Sochi, Russia.

APR. 15−21, Russian Art & Antique Fair 2019, ArtPort Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

MAY 1−3, Immer Peace, new 2019 collection presentation. ART Studia, Sochi, Russia.

MAY 3−5, Art Moments Jakarta 2019, Indonesia.

MAY 16−18, Les Personnages. new 2019 collection presentation, Monaco.

JUN, Les Personnages, Sochi, Russia.

DEC, Tendenze Orientali, solo exhibition, San Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy.

NOV, Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China.

NOV, Shapes of Memory, solo exhibition, ERARTA Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia.

OCT, Art Taipei, Taiwan.

JUL, Time Harmony, solo show, Monaco.

JUL, Indepandance, Cercle de I`Union Interalliee, Paris, France.

JUN, West and East, personal exhibition, COORE Art Space, Vienna, Austria.

APR, Seven Veils of Eurasia, solo exhibition, Kulanshi Gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan.

MAR, Elements, solo exhibition, National Art Museum, Tbilisi. Georgia.

2017, Salon Des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.

2017, Sea Inside, Open-air art project, Sochi, Russia.

2015, Vienna Fair, Austria.

2015, National Art Museum of Belarus, solo exhibition, Minsk. Belarus.

2013, The State Russian Museum, solo exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The very first glance at Andrey Ostashov’s sculptures will suffice to understand that their author has a perfect sense, primarily of the line, into which he embeds the volume and the shape. Overall, he is an audacious artist, belonging to the long endangered, but still existing breed of aesthetes and philosophers.

For more than a century now, concept, provocation, and negation of mandatory beauty have dominated the world of mainstream art. But for our hero, beauty is indispensable and inherent. As a man, he is composed, harsh, and concise, but his sculptures are exquisite, tender, and they flutter under the gaze of spectators, they filled with live sensuality. This approach is absolute archaism; this sentimentality in visual arts has long been condemned and rejected, anathematised by art critics. The notwithstanding, talent has no stereotypes. The sincerity and integrity of the author captivate and makes you muse — about the habits of perception, about "beauty" in art, and, finally, about the idea that the master has materialised in his work — so complex, multidimensional, and precious.

As they reflect on Ostashov’s sculptures, art experts and spectators refer to the aesthetics of the East and the West, the depth of implications of ancient epics and myths, and the combination of all of these complex and multilayered stories in his works. However, a sculptor is, first and foremost, the creator of the form and line, an expert on bronze and stone, a creator of surface and volume. These are his key ideas and his main words. His language is unique and powerful. As of example the young daughters, who are protected by his iconic, ancient myths, from which his stories and faces originate, virtuoso sculpting techniques, and culture of casting.
As you go on about Andrey Ostashov’s work, one cannot but focus on this, a paramount quality of his art — his professional culture. It manifests in every aspect — the design of his workshop, his manner of speaking, his conduct, the clarity of his drawings, the subtlety of his sculpting, the thoroughness of his casting, and exquisite tinting of the surface.

Andrey Ostashov is probably the last representative of a rare breed.